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Some of the things that sucks from BBM

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FUEL is now more easily accessible for khayalak, instead of the existing FUEL in the GAS STATION lho but Blackberry Messenger. Since the FUEL for android and iOS also came out, now the FUEL seems to be one of the mandatory application in android and other smartphones.

Some of the things that sucks from BBM

It cannot be denied, BBM chat application can compete with other smartphones. But nothing is perfect in this world. In this article we want to share some of the things that sucks FUEL from the application. Perhaps you will agree when you are finished reading this article. We just started a few things sucks from the fuel.

Message in BBM Pending

When you use BBM on Smartphones, have you ever felt the message that you send pending aka undeliverable? This often happens not because the internet network that we have, but because of the quality of service of the fuel. It could be the facilities provided by BBM cannot accommodate all the current ongoing communication.

FUEL is usually at the moment pending communications traffic was great, as the atmosphere in which many people are sending Idul fitri holiday sayings Merry. At least a few days when the widths you can not ber BBMan smoothly

The Number Of Spam Ads

Knowingly or unknowingly broadcast facilities in FUEL like a double-edged blade. Sometimes we really need, but sometimes a lot of users who spread the BBM ad with no responsibility.

Sometimes even those ads on broadcast arbitrarily by those closest to us. It is becoming a dilemma when we will block your account our friends. If just once in a while may not be a problem, if so many times?

Make The HP Battery Wasful

Many people have complained about the battery quickly runs out when using BBM on a smartphone. This is because the FUEL application running in the background automatically when we are connected to the internet. This causes the application to continuous spent batteries on Smartphones.

So it's not wrong if the application also contributed to the rapid battery power runs out. One solution might be to turn off the data packets when not being used the fuel. Anyway if there is any important matters instead of still existing phone and sms can go directly to its Internet network without any hpmu

It looks like three things above are most annoying thing from the application of FUEL. Do you have other bitter experience with the application of FUEL? If you agree to share this article to your friends. So that they can minimize the second point against you.

May you can still feel the many benefits of applications in the android bbm chat. The article this time. See you in the next article. Monitor keeps this blog to get tips and tricks about android;)

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