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How To See IMEI Samsung Galaxy S4

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One of the factors you need to consider when dealing with network issues such as not registered on network is on your Android device'S IMEI nomore. In some cases, a simple fix on IMEI can fix problems nomore error network on your smartphone.

How To See IMEI Samsung Galaxy S4

This guidance will help you find and verify nomore IMEI from Samsung Galaxy S4 you. Follow all these steps whenever you are ready.

How to see IMEI Samsung Galaxy S4

1. to start, tap on the Apps in the Home screen.

2. next, tap on Settings.

3. under Settings, tap on the icon More corner which is located on the top right of the screen, next to the Accounts.

4. then you will be given a number of options for reviewing/configuration. Scroll down and tap on About the Device.

5. in the section About the Device, scroll to (and then tap on) Status. This action will display the latest status of your mobile phone network, the battery and so on.

6. Once you tap on the Status, then you will see the IMEI on screen look nomore Status, along with details including phone number, mobile IMEI SV, IP Address, Mac Address of WI-FI, Bluetooth address, serial number and so on.

Another way to see the IMEI from Samsung Galaxy nomore S4 you is with a short code, you simply press (or the dial) * # 06 # on the phone dialer and will display the IMEI of nomore Galaxy S4 belongs to you.

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