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How To Invite Your Friends On BBM With Barcode

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BlackBerry Messenger for Android's success after nearly a year in circulation on the Google OS has no need to be questioned again, however it turns out there are still many users of Android are confused BBM, BBM application because it has settings that are less intuitive. The first time you open the application in the Android could FUEL so you feel confused with his layout unless you are familiar with the design of Android. But actually all the setting inside is not too confusing and difficult, it is a bit of a hassle. One of the most frequent confusion I encountered is inviting BB PIN. Therefore I am quite often asked by some friends, and in a previous post I was able to write a tutorial how to invite friends to add a FUEL pin.

How To Invite Your Friends On BBM With Barcode

And in this time I add posts again by way of inviting friends on BBM with the barcode (barcode) on Android and all kinds of smart devices. If you do not already know how to use the barcode, and what are its benefits. It is a barcode on the RIM as a way to provide another (other than Exchange-traded PINS) to invite friends into your BBM friend. However the way this can only be done with the two berkamera smartphone and not far apart.

That's the barcode barcode, or with whom you do not need to provide YOUR PIN (Personal Identification Number) your BB if your friend would like to invite you to the fuel. Simply show your barcode, then let your friends mobile phone detect it through the camera. Then wait a few moments, you will get a notice that your friend invites you, living in the accept deh.

Then how do you invite friends on BBM with barcode? Please follow the steps below.

How to invite a friend On BBM With Barcodes on Android

Like the previous review that I have in the world of BlackBerry every new contact is added by way of sharing your PIN, but there are also a number of other options. If you click the three dots of the composition or settings, then you will find the menu Invite To fuel, if you click on it will pop up a new window giving you the option to add a contact list that is, Invite By Barcode Scan, Invite By PIN, Invite, Invite By Email By SMS, etc.

Well now you can just point your camera scanners that have a barcode to a mobile phone, aktiv your friend to jump in detection.

Then your phone will instantly detect the barcode on your mobile phone your friend, if so then you have to send a request to keteman friendship you approve it.

Gone wrong already! Easy way to invite friends BBM with Barcode on Android? If you have a question please point out deh.

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