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Popular Android Game a must-Install

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If You are a gaming maniac or maybe just liked to play games? And make the game play as a hobby? Then those games are already Android install, because in addition to the popular, popular android game is definitely interesting to play.

Popular Android Game a must-Install


The first Android games namely games called Badland. Badland is a combination of platformer and adventure. In this game, You will be the main character of the little creatures, in which he must pass various obstacles that are designed in such a way, and is different for each level. You only need to use 1 finger only in control of a character, is not difficult. But, You must play with agile and fast too, because at each level, the screen will move from right to left direction. When You play a character who is apparently lagging behind, You automatically will be game over, and need to play again from save the last point.

Don't get me wrong, it turns out this game has ever awarded. Awards obtained Badland i.e. Apple design award of 2014, the rate in terms of gameplay and visual excellence, the award obtained in the year 2013. Badland has 40 levels, and you can play it for free via Your Android smartphone.

Plants VS Zombies 2

The Android name game is certainly already known since its first sequel. Of course, the sequel to the second to none, this game will have extra characters, enemies and a very attractive design. Of course, You can also equip Your plants by purchasing the premium version, so you can more easily win this Android game. If you are a fan of tower defense games with the system, then the Plants vs. Zombies 2 is already viable as complementary games on Your smartphone, and you can play on a spare moment.

The quality of graphics-graphics problem, if it is To see a sequel to the game Plants VS Zombies 2, then this game is better and also more detail than previous versions. Although admittedly, this game still uses 2 dimensional design, which became the hallmark of Plants vs. Zombies 2, when was made the 3-dimensional version, certainly the atmosphere will change drastically and may not be suitable. If you've ever played its first sequel, then maybe this game will not differ too much.

Replica Island

Games for the Android platform, which we discuss next Replica Island. This Game is included in the category of adventure. In which you will play as a character mascot for Android in the form of cute robot is green. You can fly, aim at looking for points, as well as destroying enemy robots You assignments that are colored silver. The graphics are not too good, but this game is fairly popular and a lot who play it.

Death rally

Okay, now let's discuss the popular Android game next. This Game themed racing, titled Death rally. According to the name of the game, then this game is a combination of races with gun-shots. If You have ever played the game Twisted Metal on the Play Station 1, then this game has the same theme. Only here, You aim to win the racing as well (the finish line). You can complete Your race car with a deadly weapon, so in addition to races, You must also survive and attack the enemies at once if there is a chance.

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