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Samsung Back Were Violating Patents Apple

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At last year's Samsung proved to infringe a patent from Apple and lose in court with fines of around 1 billion dollars, now samsung again infringes any patent and accept defeat in the trial case of infringement of patent rights both of which recently held. Apple sued Samsung in the trial with breaching terms of his patents were used in samsung devices. In this case samsung decided to pay more compensation for the second time to the

Samsung Back Were Violating Patents Apple

Apple of 119,625 million dollars.

In a hearing this time Samsung actually sued Apple to pay 2.2 billion dollars because it violates 5 patents Apple. Meanwhile, Samsung also demands Apple paid 6.2 million dollars because it is considered violating two patents Apple. The judge then ruled that Samsung violated Apple patents 3 while Apple patent violate 1 belongs to Samsung.

Three Apple patents that are proven to be violated related Samsung is a technology that allows a user clicking a link in an application to launch other applications, such as set an alarm off in the notes/memos.

Other patents that are infringed is about the technology slide to unlock, and technology recommendations/autocomplete which in fact has been decided at the hearing on the first case. Two patents were not infringed terminated is universal search technology and synchronize in the background. Samsung's proven patent infringed Apple is about the technology of the camera and photo organization. Meanwhile the patent on technology video transmission not proven violated Apple.

Apparently Samsung products that infringe patents Apple is pretty much like the Galaxy, Galaxy S Nexus II, Epic 4 g Galaxy S II Touch, Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Admire, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note Note 2 S3, Galaxy, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and the Stratosphere. And it also doesn't just stop here any time, samsung still has to wait for a decision not final about the offense are the device android phone Galaxy SII would be decided by the courts in the next few days. The second party is still expected to appeal this ruling.

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