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Difference LG G2 Performance Jelly Bean Vs KitKat

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For current LG G2 still use Android Jelly Bean, but for those users who have a lot of LG G2 using the Android custom rom by using the KitKat available tutorials on the internet especially in the most poluler in the world forum that discusses all types of android phones including the LG G2 that xda-developers forum, for those of you who like uprek-uprek android smartphone LG G2 please visit forum xda developers specially for LG G2

Difference LG G2 Performance Jelly Bean Vs KitKat

But for those who look forward to officially update may have to be patient a bit longer because it seems LG will soon be released for Android update LG G2 Kitkat, it is already visible when LG uk shows a video that compares the use of LG G2 Jelly Bean with LG Android G2 that uses Android KitKat, a palpable difference in the performance of both.

In a Youtube video posted by LG LG UK i.e. English visible difference in the two, performance tests performance of LG G2 Vs KitKat, Jelly Bean for LG G2 that uses Android KitKat faster in performance make it faster when KnokOn, faster browser when you open a video, better in open applications in LG G2 kemera than G2 Jelly Bean, also to open the contact person who is faster. For more details you can see the score difference LG G2 Jelly bean vs Kitkat and its video.

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