Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Official Twitter Using The New Profile Design

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Yesterday was exactly on Tuesday 8 April, most Social Media populet Twitter has announced changes to the page design for the user profile. This Design actually has already been tested in February and some selected twitter users already tried it first.

Official Twitter Using The New Profile Design

Design of new twitter profile is similar to that used Facebook as well as a combined feature used pinterest. I think twitter has a lot of design utilizing favored on social media facebook as well as other images and features already applied on a very popular pinterest. We have checked the news on twitter android apparently there hasn't been such new feature, after we thoroughly again, turns twitter through its official blog said that changes to the user profile design will be able to be enjoyed all gradually.

Twitter has presented a 3 new features that will be applied to the Pinned Tweet later users can embed or drape tweet so easily visible to others, second Best Tweets of our estimates there will be a list of the best tweets around the world as well as local as well as many other twitter users are getting attention, and last Filtered tweets, if the user can sort the Tweets to search based on the writings ofjust photos or videos, or tweet and reply. We just wait for new design update this twitter.

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