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Camera Bug problems have been overcome S5 Galaxy Samsung

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Presence of samsung Galaxy S5 at the beginning of April it is arguably appropriate to expect samsung with evidence increasing sales data. However, there are some users mainly from S5 Galaxy Verizon operator United States who report a problem camera on the Samsung's newest flagship.

Camera Bug problems have been overcome S5 Galaxy Samsung

Some users of the Verizon version of the S5 Galaxy reported that cameras on their handset will not operate after several days of usage. Appears warning "Warning: Camera failed" which resulted in the camera cannot be used at all. This problem is apparently still appear despite having been done to reset or clear the cache.

In response to this, the Verizon has done a replacement top Galaxy S5 who are having problems. Meanwhile the Samsung also already know this and advise the owner of Galaxy S5 are exposed to those problems to contact the mobile operator or directly to Samsung to get a replacement.

S5 Galaxy Camera Bug Problem Has Been Found

According to Samsung, the camera problems occur at a fraction of the Galaxy S5 produced earlier. These problems are caused by complications at the component part of ROME that stores the information needed to operate the camera. The next production is therefore already not going there is the bug.

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S5 who are having problems have been advised to report to the operator Verizon. In addition reports may also be addressed to Samsung for follow up.

Samsung Galaxy S5 starts released on 11 April. In addition to the positive response received in the United States, the latest flagship of the rumored Samsung also surpasses record sales of Samsung Galaxy S4 in the first week of sales.

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