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Does The Android Logo Will Be Changed?

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This information is obtained from a website that discusses the news of android. This interest there is a leakage in a video animation of the boot at the end of this video that features the android logo writing system are not uncommon.

Does The Android Logo Will Be Changed?

If this is indeed true bootanimation video version of the final and official, possibly also the android has a new logo. Does the android logo has been in use for 5 years will change the new android logo was replaced in the video? How do you think the android logo will change this?

According to BA that the new logo are in the videos were still less attractive just use regular letters, still less creative. We estimate that google itself had a lot of designers are creative enough. But substitute for information this logo is still unclear the exact rumors and ... can also customize this video animation animation or anything else ... we just wait for official information from google with the existence of this rumor.

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