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2 easy steps how to create a Screenshot on LG G2

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For those of you who use the device android phone LG G2 may kebinggungan how do I create a screenshot on this phone, which is usually for other mobile phone when making screenshots very easy by simply pressing the power button and the button to lower the volume to decrease the sound volume at the same time. Although the layout of the power and volume are the G2 back LG, how to make a screenshot on your G2 is equal to another, only this may be a bit of difficulty with a little feeling because it is located in the rear. But there are 2 ways to make a screenshot on this device.

2 easy steps how to create a Screenshot on LG G2

1. how to make a Screenshot With the Hardware Keypad LG G2

The first way is by using physical buttons do I like other android smartphone, but it is kind of difficult for those who have a large RADIUS due to its positioning in the rear where the layout of our fingers to hold a cell phone, the way is you simply press and hold the power button located in the Middle for LG G2 and then also press the volume button under simultaneously until later you will hear a sound and see the screenshot image appears on the screen.

2. how to make a Screenshot With QuickMemo Application

There are also ways to make screenshots for LG G2 using features already placed on this smartphone device called QuickMemo. This way it's easier to make a screenshot on LG G2 just by using one hand only.
When you hold the device LG G2 with right or left hand, slide the screen upwards from the display screen menu that will display Google and out-going QuickMemo. Kemuadian clik QuickMemo, automatically will be taking a screenshot. This application can also edit the result of a whole picture screen capture taken, and this is one of the coolest features is the default from LG G2.
How to make a Screenshot on LG G2 this is a fairly simple step to do tatapi you who will yet understand the difficulty, you can get used to. Whether you use LG G2, please comment below Yes..

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