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Tips to know BlackBerry Original or fake

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Before stepping into the discussion of the title above, Android and iOS now BBM application already exists for android and most android users have many many know, new, for people who may not know how to install BBM for android and how to make your android, which FUEL the original features of a BlackBerry, but beritaandroid.com has already been discussed.

Tips to know BlackBerry Original or fake

Back to the topic matter i.e how to know fake or Original BlackBerry, do you like with your blackberry smartphone? then this article is suitable for buyers who like the blackberry phones because will discusses the traits to know blackberry original or fake. Please read below.

Tips to know BlackBerry Original or fake

1. we are in buy BlackBerry phone must be on the official Storefront of the BlackBerry since it automatically not official outlets would cheat with their own products because keeping a good name and quality. You can also buy a BlackBerry in BlackBerry Branded Outlets that work together with local service providers such as Indosat, telkomsel, Tri Axis or another. Then when you get a BlackBerry phone that comes from outside of indonesia then you should make sure your mobile phone is already unlocked the alias can be used in indonesia.

2. Check the IMEI and PIN

In terms of knowing the original or fake BlckBerrry us in looking at the code from the mobile device that is seeing the IMEI and PIN. How do you do? How to Check the IMEI and PIN and select the menu "options" and then select "status" in conjunction with "shift + ALT = H then it will be straight out the IMEI and PIN, then you can see the IMEI and PIN in BlackBerry cellphone, does fit in the BOX/DUS and BOC battery. If it matches certain BlackBerry devices this is original but if not fit to say false, because any existing IMEI number all BlackBerry phones of different aliases are not the same between the other BB.

3. check the BOX or BOX of BlackBerry and lifetime data

As dijelasnkan above, you can match the right IMEI mobile phones and BOXES/CARTONS as well as you could notice the IMEI sticker from his well. Next you are advised to view the Data Lifetime on a BlackBerry by opening a "Menu"-"Option"-"Status" and then type the word BUYR it will come out a zero when BB was still new and original is to the already used will appear the message "exceeding 12 k" and "Voice Usage Exceeding 60 Minutes"

4. Enter the Last local cellular Cards and check the battery

You can try to use a blackberry phone with a call and receive phone calls, make sure it runs smoothly and can be used with any cellular card. Check also for the latter end of the mobile phone that is usually more easily scratched while falling, lest you are tempted with the appearance of plastic and seal cartons for all that can be made by counterfeiters BlakBerry tool.
That's how tips to know real or fake Blakcberry, hopefully can help and useful for those of you who want to buy a cell phone BlackBerry devices.

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