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Project Raijin: Turning The Q50 Into A Luxury GT-R, For Real

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Last week Infiniti Motors Ltd. asked Motor Fashion out towards an unique head office at Hongkong about a special deep dive on the Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge expression.

Because you’ll remember, an Q50 Eau Rouge concept was initially declared at the Us Global Auto Show employed in March. Now there this is, listed as a design expression lacquered from 2-4 jackets of serious pink greasepaint, although lacking any motor nor technological requirements and energy to speak of.

Project Raijin: Turning The Q50 Into A Luxury GT-R, For Real Last week Infiniti Motors Ltd. invited Motor Trend out to its headquarters in Hong Kong for an exclusive deep dive on the Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge concept.  As you’ll recall, the Q50 Eau Rouge concept was first announced at the North American International Auto Show in January. There it was, shown as a design concept lacquered in 24 coats of deep red paint, but without an engine or technical specifications to speak of. Those came with the bomb Infiniti dropped at the Geneva show – when Infiniti announced that its engineers had successfully shoehorned the Nissan GT-R’s twin-turbo V-6 engine along with a 7-speed transmission and an all-wheel-drive system into the Eau Rouge. The real kicker was that the VR38DETT engine makes more power in the Eau Rouge, than in the GT-R – 560 horsepower vs. the GT-R’s 545. “We don’t want to make a 4-door GT-R. It needs to be an Infiniti -- something that represents premium and luxury, but also super performance. That’s the key point,” says Smith. And to be clear, the Eau Rouge is still a concept car at this point, despite much evidence to the contrary. “This is a prototype. We’re still refining it on the way for bigger and greater things. We wanna make sure that it’s a world beater,” hedges Smith.
Those was included with a missile Infiniti dropped at both the Geneva exhibit – when Infiniti announced the its own engineers had successfully shoehorned an Nissan GT-R’s twinturbo V-6 engine and a 7-speed transmission & a all-wheel-drive system to the Eau Rouge. An genuine kicker had been an VR38DETT cover makes significantly more vitality from your Eau Rouge, than a in the GT-R – 560 hp vs. a GT-R’s 545.

So just how do one build a world beater? It out assists to have an engine such as the twin turbo 3.8-liter V-6 found in an Nissan GT-R, although you need a lot more than that all. For just one, you need vision.

“As guess we have a chief from Johan de Nysschen,” claims Jones, talking about a Infiniti president so who attended the organization from June 2012 after a 19-year function by way of Audi A-g. “And this guy named me personally to his or her office - I believe I used to be three times to the process - asked to me down and also said, ‘I desire to make a success brand. I want to produce a Q50 with a GT-R engine.’”

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The reason why? To give both the languishing line an essential glow during pleasure also quick standing against groups in the blissful luxury and also productivity place. “We recognized who they have been. People believed in which all of us had a need to be,” flows Smith. “Let’s still be reasonable, an [BMW] M-series hasbeen a method I’ve drooled across actually as I had been from senior school. [Mercedes-Benz] AMG isn't a shabby agency, they have incredible competencies; [Audi’s] quattro [performance division] too.
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