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Harley Davidson V-ROD Custom Motorbike Review

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Harley’s cruiser V-Rod has been about since 2001, and the new Muscle is… is just another styling exercise to bolster what is arguably a tired range. The Muscle is essentially a reworked V-Rod with design touches (muscular, flowing lines) to front it up as a serious boulevard traffic light blaster. Except it isn’t that muscular – 12.25sec standing quarters anyone?
A water-cooled V-twin with 120bhp and a house full of torque is not to be sniffed at. But when it’s anchored by 307kg of metals and plastics it is hard not to ask yourself where has all the go gone? Never mind. The engine is super smooth with a precise throttle delivery everywhere. And the gearbox isn’t too clunky. In all a muscle cruiser of the relaxed kind.
Ride and Handling
You have to remember the bike is a straight line performer and corners get in the way of the footpegs and exhausts. Short-legged people will find the bar position and stretch to the footpegs a hip-straining effort. The length, weight and raked forks conspire to cause understeer through faster corners, but who cares when the sun is out, the roads are dry and you’re not in a hurry with denim cut off blowin’ in the wind…
Chrome, sumptuous paint, polished bits and more chrome, wide profile rear tyre, big engine and more chrome – and all standard issue. The accessory catalogue has more of the same
Quality and Reliability
he majority of Harley-Davidsons retain a high resale value and the V-Rod range is no different – mainly because they aren’t a big seller in the UK where the preference is classic air-cooled H-D machinery. If it’s a well presented, cool-looking Harley your after then £13,500 isn’t a lot of money. But, as the saying goes, alternatives are available eg Triumph’s Rocket III Roadster at £10,949.
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