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Harley Davidson ELECTRA GLIDE Custom Motorbike Review

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overall verdict
This is Harley’s all-singing all-dancing, top-of-the-range tourer. In standard trim it’s fully-loaded with touring accessories that are only available as optional extras on lower-spec Electra Glides. It also has a larger capacity engine. The major problem with this bike is its massive £21,222 price tag. For that sort of money it needs to be perfect, but it’s far from that. A Victory Vision Tour, Kawasaki VN1700 Classis or BMW K1200LT will offer a far superior riding experience for much less money.
The Ultra Classic gets a bigger 1690cc V-twin engine (the Electra Glide has a 1584cc motor), although Harley, according to its tradition doesn’t give claimed power figures. They do say it makes 6ftlb more torque (up to 100ftlb) at the same lazy 3500rpm. The engine is smooth enough on the move and offers decent acceleration, given the machine’s horrendous 400kg (dry!) bulk. What really lets the motor down is its painfully agricultural six-speed gearbox.
Ride and Handling
Although the ride quality is very good cruising in a straight line, the big Harley hates corners. Due to its ridiculous bulk there’s very little feeling for what’s going with the tyres and corning in the wet at any kind of speed is plain frightening. Brakes are very poor.
Although the basic controls, dials and switches are old fashioned and haphazardly placed you get lots of equipment as standard, like two-tone paintwork, cruise control, ABS, heated grips, top box and panniers, a luggage rack and an 80-watt Harmon-Kardon stereo. The list goes on…
Quality and Reliability
The paintwork and all the shiny bits are well produced, but the attention to detail under the skin is poor. Harleys are reliable on the whole but we have always experienced frustrating little faults with our test bikes, with things dropping off and coming undone. When this machine was delivered to our office the ABS didn’t work.
It’s hard to see where all your money goes with the Electra Glide Ultra Limited. It’s a lot of money for a dynamically poor machine, when you compare it to its cheaper competition. At the end of the day you’re simply paying for the Harley Davidson badge and all the history and heritage that goes with it.
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