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Volkswagen's New Mid-Size Coupe Concept: Yes, a Golf-Based "Four-Door Coupe"

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How way upscale will Volkswagen go? high there, the complete believes. The New Mid-Size machine, launched as an idea at the 2014 Peking machine show, proves the purpose. supported the VW Group's MQB design, it options dramatic proportions and upmarket appointments that rival those of the Mercedes-Benz CLA—and create the assembly Audi A3 sedan look downright standard. VW says the vehicle are going to be pushed into series production for the Chinese market; alternative markets, as well as the U.S., might follow.

Volkswagen's New Mid-Size Coupe Concept: Yes, a Golf-Based "Four-Door Coupe"
The New Mid-Size machine is 181.0 inches long, 56.0 inches tall, and 72.4 inches wide. to place the concept’s proportions into perspective, it is 1.2 inches shorter long than a Jetta, but 0.2 in. wider than a Passat. Meaty 245/40 rubber on 20-inch metallic element wheels emphasize the gaudy, low demeanour of this four-door. whereas the electronic design is taken from the additional compact MQB-A bin, that is common with the Golf, the axles square measure shared with the broader MQB-B models, that embody the next-gen Passat and VW's approaching mid-size crossover SUV.

Painted in Dragon Red, a color that caters to the style of Chinese customers, the idea is fitted with full diode head- and taillights that incorporate metallic element parts. The idea was created by VW's German style team, underneath the direction of Klaus Bischoff and Oliver Stefani.

Rectangular twin exhaust tips hint at the powerhouse underneath the hood—a two0-hp variation of VW's EA888 2.0-liter turbocharged four. this is often an equivalent engine that powers the GTI: VW claims it'll propel this machine to sixty two mph in half-dozen.5 seconds and prime out at a lofty 152 mph. the ability is channeled to the front wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

Volkswagen's New Mid-Size Coupe Concept: Yes, a Golf-Based "Four-Door Coupe"
The five-passenger cabin is characterised by precise, horizontal lines. Production versions of the New Mid-Size machine can lose the faux-suede performing artist, and also the two-tone seats and wide  roof are going to be nonobligatory. to stay a coffee dashboard, VW has integrated the central visual display unit below the air vents and simply higher than the climate-control panel.

A Volkswagen government confirmed to United States that the New Mid-Size machine would be launched as a series-production model for the Chinese market. No call has been created concerning sales within the U.S. and Europe. As we tend to reported  2 years past once the chance of VW giving a Golf/Jetta-based four-door machine initial bubbled up, it can be troublesome to fetch $30K-plus within the U.S. for a Jetta-sized, VW-branded four-door, in spite of however attractive it's. And European consumers like liberally appointed hatchbacks like the Golf to three-box sedans. maybe the Mid-Size machine might modification this? "It is predicated on the MQB platform and so contains a long life engineered into it," our intimate tells United States. "We can scrutinize it closely." appears like we tend to might get extra proof of however way upscale the complete intends to travel.
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