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2014 Jaguar F-type V-8 S Roadster

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WHAT we have a tendency to LIKE: “Childish” best describes our enthusiasm for the F-type, a automobile as extroverted as even the foremost precocious minor. With the game exhaust armed, nice delight has been taken in blasting passersby and alfresco cafĂ© denizens further as zipping through tunnels and underneath highway overpasses. associate degree overabundance of power is matched solely by the car’s attractiveness. Have we have a tendency to mentioned that the highest goes down? Our psychosis over the Jag’s responsibility has mostly tested unwarranted, on condition that with this automobile we’ve brought additional pain and suffering upon ourselves than any spirit of filmmaker electrics, real or unreal.

2014 Jaguar F-type V-8 S Roadster

WHAT we have a tendency to DON’T LIKE: prevailing road noise competes with the Meridian audio system–and sometimes wins. And the maximum amount as we have a tendency to sometimes fancy turning off the radio and being attentive to the exhaust, long-haul drivers have complained that the quality exhaust note remains too loud. and also the miserable flick system generally turns itself off. The seats have drawn as several complaints as compliments once used for extended sessions, however it’s clear that this automobile isn't meant to be a cross-country cruiser. As such, load capability is restricted. The Jag’s appetency for gasoline? Hearty. Doubling down on our filling-station woes could be a fuel-filler neck that's typically incompatible with the nozzle, resulting in aborted pumping.

WHAT WENT WRONG: unnecessary  complexness is also the hallmark of contemporary luxury cars, however that doesn’t mean we've got to love it. and positively not once it breaks. during this case, the pop-up center dash vents required to get replaced when they stopped functioning properly. we have a tendency to additionally had a tail lamp stop to perform, inflicting associate degree encounter with an area constable somewhere in Oklahoma and forcing the replacement of the complete assembly. each issues were corrected underneath warrantee. Somewhere within the course of destroying 2 tires, we have a tendency to additionally accidentally discarded the reusable a part of the tire air pump, that we have a tendency to paid to exchange. Our 1st scheduled  service came at fifteen,775 miles associate degreed enclosed an car care and filter, provided gratis.

WHERE we have a tendency to WENT: Our daily enjoyment of the Jag has been tempered with 2 long road visits. It spent the second half of the winter go into Southern California before returning to the house workplace in Michigan for the 2 months of nice we have a tendency toather we fancy each year. whereas the automobile was out West, it created the trip up the coast to point of entry, and it’s taken a number of longer western excursions to American state and Ohio. in this time, we’ve set upon the subsequent rule of thumb: once you ought to stop to replenish the F-type a second time, you’re in all probability able to park it for the day. however it'll are an honest day.

Months in Fleet: nine months
Current Mileage: eighteen,419 miles Average Fuel Economy: eighteen mpg
Fuel Tank Size: fifteen.8 gal Fuel Range: 285 miles
Service: $0 traditional Wear: $296.52 Repair: $0
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