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Bankruptcy Law Firm Names: Make Sure Yours Is Helping You Online

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Name and address consistency not only makes it easier for potential clients to find your law firm name but it also helps the search engines recognize mentions of your bankruptcy law practice on the internet. Every law practice should be taking advantage of free online local business listings as well as any legal directories available. Consistency between these listings is key. If your office has a suite number, decide if you are going to write out 'suite', abbreviate to 'STE' or use another method such as foregoing the suite number completely or using the # symbol. Discrepancies like this can be confusing for clients as well as for the search engines. If your law practice name includes multiple names don't us an '&' in some places and spell out 'and' in others. Deciding on a NAP (name, address, phone) and sticking to it is an important first step to making sure your law firm name is helping your online.

Once you've taken the time to decide on your NAP and get your business listed in local directories and attorney directories there are other things you can do to get your bankruptcy law practice name out there.

Share content - Bankruptcy law firm names become well recognized when they participate in forums and share content. A blog on your firm website is a great place to start sharing legal knowledge but don't stop there. Get an account on and start answering legal questions posted by potential clients. Consider guest blogging and sharing articles in other legal forums. Sharing your legal knowledge positions you as an industry expert which makes potential clients even more confident to call for your services.

Implement a social media marketing campaign - More attorneys are looking to social media as an avenue to get their law firm names out to the public. Facebook recently announced that their user total has now reached 1.11 billion people. When you think of the traffic potential that Facebook offers for your business it makes perfect sense to build a Facebook business page for your law practice. Keeping followers informed on changes to the legal system as well as current events surrounding the legal issues your firm handles will further prove what a valuable resource you are. Social media is also a great place to share content that you've created with followers and it also gives past clients a venue to leave reviews and feedback about your services.

Answer client questions - Legal issues raise a lot of questions for potential clients. Compile a list of the most common questions and provide detailed answer to these questions in an FAQ section on your website. You can also provide information about these questions on social media profiles and in content.

Ultimately the key to growing awareness of your law firm name is by giving potential clients the information they are searching for and making yourself easy to find through consistent local business listings, directories and social media profiles.

Ryan Paul Adams is the CEO of PME 360. At PME 360 we are here to help bankruptcy attorneys make sense of the complex local internet marketing landscape and to power growth in your bankruptcy law practice.
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