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We Hear: Rotary-Powered Mazda Sports Car to get Electric Turbo

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Mazda contains saved both the RX-7 & RX-9 names, proposing japan car manufacturer is focusing on 2 rotary-powered activities cars. This is originally considered a brand new Mazda RX-7 might arrive in 2017 over time and energy to shop an 50th eternity of the unique rotary-powered 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sports, and the RX-9 could arrive in 2020 for shop both the automaker’s 100th eternity. Currently, balances that a rotary-powered expression is proven from 2017 the production model coming from 2020, even rushing a power turbocharger.

We Hear: Rotary-Powered Mazda Sports Car to get Electric Turbo
“We want to gift all employed in 2017 for a present-day for celebrate a beginning in rotary," an elderly Mazda engineering told "Then, for enjoy the company’s 100th birthday, all of us desire to go for another level at 2020."

The car manufacturer can be said to obtain already been working on an alternative for the RX-7 for your last 10 years, but the challenge absolutely was paused though attempts was refocused over a new fourth-generation Miata. Having an fresh roadster complete, engineers may resume work with a RX-7 beneficiary.

Mazda is supposedly focusing on an 450-hp turning because of its clean activities car. A definitely unnamed resource told a clean engine, likely depending on the 1.6-liter 16X R-2 word cover, can function an capacitor-powered electronic turbocharger in terms of low end plus a conventional exhaust-driven turbocharger as for high-rpm.

Initially, both the new rotary-powered are sported by car clearly was to share an unique bases by having an clean Miata, but the fresh turbocharged rotary motor 's claimed if you are as well efficient because of its roadster’s frame. Actually, a rotary-powered sports coupe might work with a concentrated & modified edition of the RX-8 coupe’s frame. An clean athletics auto could tip an balances in less-than 2850 pounds.
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