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Recover files from a corrupted SD Card

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Recover files from a corrupted SD Card-SD Card storage media is important in a mobile phone. You can store a variety of files including photos, videos, and more. But when the SD Card is experiencing corrupt or damaged resulting in important files cannot be opened or cannot be used as it should be, it is certainly very annoying. But when it actually happens, you do not need to panic, because there is a solution.

Recover files from a corrupted SD Card
This article focuses on the recovery image files that cannot be opened due to the SD Card on your phone stops working. However, in other cases, the principle is almost the same.

Tips To Recover Files From Damaged/Corrupted SD Card

First of all, do not format the SD Card if you want to keep the photos in them, especially if the image is a file that is important to you. Up here, you will need the help of third-party applications. The recommended application is ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery). In addition to the ZAR, you can also use other similar applications. The reason why this application is recommended because ZAR and already proven capable of overcoming such problems.

Install ZAR, then insert the SD Card into the card reader of damaged your PC or laptop. Run The ZAR. (You should disable related security software your PC or laptop and also disable internet connection).
When prompted, click Options Image Recovery (Free). This option will help you to recover damaged files from your SD card.
ZAR will now look for devices that are installed. Then navigate/go on SD cards that are problematic. Select the correct disk, then click Next. ZAR will now analyze your SD Card. Wait a few moments, and you will see a list of files that have been restored.
One important thing is that you will be asked to select the destination folder for the files that have been recovered. Should you choose to save it on the hard disk of your PC or laptop, and do not save the files back into your SD card damaged or corrupt.
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