Sunday, October 19, 2014

Notre Dame sees mixed, frustrating results on final play

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TALLAHASSEE — Afterward, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly noted how his team had hit nearly all of its pregame goals.

The Fighting Irish wanted to control the tempo offensively, something they achieved with a hustling style that had Florida State on its heels for the entirety of the first half. The offense was balanced between the run and the pass, per Kelly's expectations.

The defense did enough, Kelly said, holding Florida State's attack down "for as long as we could."

It's entirely painful, therefore, that a team that largely achieved what it had set out to do — with very few exceptions, Kelly said, such as the play of its defensive ends and outside linebackers — missed upsetting the defending national champion by a single play.
Doubling Notre Dame's pain is the nature of the play itself. In the first half, quarterback Everett Golson had found an open Corey Robinson for a red-zone touchdown with help from a wisely designed scheme:

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