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Nissan recalls 2013 Altimas for hood latch problem

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Dallas — Nissan 's remembering a lot more than 238,000 Altima midsize cars global must be complementary latch can succumb and allow hoods towards jet available as the automobiles are in motion.

Simply Altimas in the 2013 model-year are covered by both the recall sofar, but also Nissan is exploring whether or not alternative models could be concerned, depending on documents submitted Friday as of U.S. safety regulators. It seems the problem is limited by Altimas, but Nissan could be analyzing other locks with similar versions, spokesman John Yaeger mentioned.

Over a Altima, Nissan's top-selling vehicle from your U.S., clutter and rust could merge by disturbance between your secondary attach pulley and the hood, leaving an locks and energy to emergency. That could preserve all of them unlatched after the engine can be locked. When the principal lock can be unconsciously produced, an lid may start while the cars are always as being powered.

Nissan says traders may alter both the latch lever, if not new and lubricate a extra lock joint. Both the latch assembly could possibly be changed. A company hasn't put-together an itinerary and energy to notify entrepreneurs.

The problem was located when Nissan obtained balances of a few about hoods rolling available and damaging both the cars. No incidents had been claimed to Nissan, Yaeger mentioned.

Basically over 219,000 Altimas are affected from the U.S., with 10,049 at Canada, 5,267 employed in Mexico, 2,042 in Southeast Korea as well as a few at Latin America, Guam and also Saipan, he stated. Both the automobiles had been created at Nissan's factories employed in Smyrna, Tennessee, and Canton, Mississippi.

So long as entrepreneurs do not publish the main engine attach also motivation motor vehicles, there refuse to still be some problem, Yaeger claimed.
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