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iPad 4 Review: is this the best tablet

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Android - Apple released the fourth - generation iPad back in November 2012, and a 128 GB version went on sale in February 2013. But while we wait for s fifth iPad to be lunched , is this the one to buy?

There's no firm date set for an iPad 5 launch , but a new iPad is extremely likely in September , October , or November. Given that Apple hasn't changed the design oh the iPad since the iPad 2 In 2011, there's every chance the iPad 5 will be thinner , lighter and adopt the styling of the iPad mini.

If you can wait that long , it's surely worth it as the new tablet is almost certain to be faster and have more features ( maybe better - quality cameras, too ) If you can't wait , read our iPad 4 review before you flex you credit card.

iPAd 4 review
Apple iPad 4 : design and build quality

The fourth - gen iPad looks no different  from the iPad 3 ( and even iPad 2 ) with Apple sticking to the same rectangular shape with rounded corners and chamfered edges.

There's no change in dimensions so it's 186 x 241 x 9.4 mm and it weighs 652 g ( 662 g for the cellular models ). Of course if you don't like the size of the iPad, there's always the iPad mini as a smaller option.

As we've come to expect from the iPad and iPhone, and the mac range for that matter , the build quality is exceptional. Attention to details is paramount and the iPad feels as premium as it always has.

iPad 4 review

iPad 4 review: Performance

The iPad 4 runs on a brand spanking new processor, the Apple A6X. The design is, like most phone and tablet chips , based on RAM technology but it's a custom Apple variation.

Apple reckons the chip is twice as fast as the A5X in the iPad 3 and its graphics are four times faster. What does this mean in everyday use? Well, surprisingly little in our experience so far. There is a just about discernible difference in the time it takes for some apps to open but it's not enough that the iPad 3 actually feels slow.

But, as the sophistication of apps continues to increase, there will be more and more occasions where the difference is appreciable. For instance , apps such as multi - crack recorders or powerful image and video editors may benefits.

iPad 4 review: software

There's not a great deal to say about the software on the iPad 4. it comes pre-loaded with IOS 6 including Siri which is also available on the iPad 3. Some recent and notable changes to the operating system included the switch between Google Maps and Apple's own mapping system.

Something the bear in mind is that apps supporting the Retina Resolution take up considerably more space than previous one. You me find yourself filling up 16 GB of storage faster than you expected.

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