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HTC Desire A5 816 Dual-Sim

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HTC Desire A5 816 Dual-Sim this is one smartphone that was recently issued by one of the company's gadgets and smart phones that are already well known, namely HTC. The Smartphone is powered by a 5.5 inch sized screen will spoil you for playing games, watching movies or other multimedia content.

Details and specs of HTC Desire A5 816 Dual-sim

HTC Desire, Desire 816HTC A5 A5 816 Dual-sim it comes with dual sim feature, which allows you to use this smartphone is more than 1 sim card type with the nano, and you can enable both simultaneously. Equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon Processor 1.6 GHz Quad 400-croe, 1.5 GB of ram make this smartphone performance increasingly smooth and fast so you don't have to worry to open many applications at once simultaneously.

HTC Desire A5 816 made with premium design in such a way, according to the features that are provided in this smartphone. Measuring 7.87 x 15.66 x 0.8 cm makes it noticeably more slender and pretty snugly on your hand. This Smartphone is supported with Super screen LCD2 5.5/HD with a depth of 16 million colors which gives sharpness and clarity of an image on the display.

HTC BoomSound
You will find 2 pieces of hi-tech speaker HTC itself, namely the HTC Boomsound on the front of the smartphone, which is located on the top and the bottom. 5.5 inch screen combination and these speakers will spoil you when bermultimedia such as playing games, watching movies and so on.

HTC Blinkfeed
In contrast to other android smartphone, the HTC Desire A5 816 Dual-sim HTC introduced Blinkfeed which is almost the same features in Windows phone. Is a feature update of the latest things from the news to a variety of social media, make you easy to find and read directly from your Home without the need to open or enter into any application.

HTC Desire A5 816 using Qualcomm's Snapdragon Processor 400 1.6 GHz Quad-core and Ram capacity up to 1.5 GB. A combination of both would make this smartphone feels fast performance, do not hesitate to open various applications simultaneously.

This Smartphone using the Android operating system version 4.4 kitkat with HTC Sense. With the UI from HTC themselves as distinct from other android smartphones, giving a different look and impression anyway.

This Smartphone comes 13 megapixel-size camera on the back. You will enjoy dynamic photos that are clear and crisp with an extremely detailed color levels of image you captured yourself. No need to worry for you who love to selfie, on the front of the smartphone also comes with a 5 megapixel resolution camera that will express your self with a real sharpness of a picture you took yourself.

HTC Desire A5 816 Dual-Sim
HTC Desire A5 816 Dual-sim comes with HTC Connect, port micro-USB, Wi-fi, Bluetooth and stereo audio connectors. 2600 mAH capacity battery allows you to use talk time up to 2 hours duration for 3 g. While the Standby time, this smartphone can endure to 614 hours for 3 g anyway.

Price of HTC Desire A5 816 Dual-sim

This sophisticated Smartphone dibandrol at a price of approximately $ 4.5 millions (per July 2014) on the market. Prices may be subject to change at any time. Check here to see the latest prices»

Overall, HTC Desire A5 816 suitable for you who really like bermultimedia such as playing games, watching a movie or video, succumbed to media and photo editing to the maximum.
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