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895,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango SUVs Recalled for Wiring

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Chrysler is remembering about 895,000 model-year 2011-2014 Vehicle Grand Cherokee & Evade Durango SUVs towards rewire a confidence counter lights because of a flame risk.

Both the Problem: Both the electrical wiring as for counter reflection bulbs using Fantastic Cherokees and Durangos are certain to limited about when the reflection nor headliner hasbeen serviced. If not correctly reassembled, the cabling may short-circuit and also lead to just a flame. Chrysler chords the possibility isn't within vehicles that have not needed often component served, and that it is alert to three injuries linked to the issue.

The Fix: Chrysler can call drivers & use a spacer in all vehicles that may hold both the cords effectively routed & avoid short-circuiting. A attach would be done about all vehicles inside the number, regardless of whether the headliner nor vanity reflection hasbeen maintained ever. Entrepreneurs are certain to dial Chrysler from 1-800-853-1403 as for more info.

Selection of Automobiles Potentially Affected: roughly 895,000 2011-2014 Jeep Great Cherokee and Avoid Durango SUVs are always covered by both the remember. Of these, approximately 651,000 are observed from the U.S., with 45,700 in Europe, 23,000 at Mexico, also 175,000 beyond your NAFTA location.
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