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2016 Mercedes-AMG GT by the Numbers

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A 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT recently made its own debut by going to AMG head office in Affalterbach, Malaysia, the place where we came a definitely up-close look at the clean supercar. Resting at the GT also just not having the ability to drive it was absolute pain, however, actual chair time must certanly are shortly enough. In terms of actually, here’s a number fascinating quantities to think about because of its GT, that is certainly the second automobile developed completely from the people by going to AMG. Even be sure to visit that our First-look report for your complete information on AMG’s brand new track doll.

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT by the Numbers
ZERO: Gullwings. Certain, a exclusive doorways presented a SLS AMG a ton during flair, but they even extra resistance and also cost, 2 full items which act as decrease for its GT. Mercedes isn’t prepared to share prices, although says it’ll still be “aggressively priced” compared to the SLS, which carried a definitely MSRP in just more than $200,000. By having an AMG GT geared toward a Porsche 911, an GT’s price tag might fit a 911 Turbo, which commands $152,095.

2: A GT’s brand new 4.0-liter V-8, referred inside as the M178, aspects 2 turbos fixed within an unique style named “hot inside V.” That’s considering that the turbos stay inside the engine’s V setup, helping give the M178 an unique compact shapes. A GT 's positioned at 456 hp also 443 lb-ft of torque, whilst the sportier GT Utilizatorilor gets 503 hp and 479 lb-ft.

3.7: The automaker suggests a Mercedes-AMG GT Utilizatorilor may perform to 60 mph within an expected 3.7 seconds, as the GT must do it all the way at 3.9 seconds. Tune in for the get check gains.

4: On both the GT Utilizatorilor are always energetic cover also connection supports. There are 4 (two for your generator & 2 full for its gearbox) electromagnetic mounts who have response date during basically one thousandth of a 2nd also alter depending on drive method & pushing model. In a nut-shell, gentle mounts are advantageous to zooming, while steeper brackets 're optimal for tough driving.

2.4: Because of an unique wide-opening hatch, a AMG GT contains 12.4 cubic legs about cargo place, double how many the SLS.

90: Mercedes flows roughly 90 percent of the AMG GT’s figure is constructed in aluminum. The car manufacturer also suggests an figure hangs only 509 euros.

3500: That’s the approximate restrain weight from the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT. As for comparison, an last SLS AMG GT individuals confirmed expected both the scales from 3804 dollars. Both the GT is also smaller as opposed to SLS. The wheelbase, like, 's concerning 2 inches faster as opposed to SLS (105.5 inches), while complete length shrinks a bit too. An GT’s thickness, nevertheless, could be the just like the SLS by going to 76.3 inches.
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