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2015 Nissan GT-R Premium review notes

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ASSOCIATE EDITOR JAKE LINGEMAN: Brutal. That’s what this 2015 Nissan GT-R Premium says to me. It’s got brutal speed, brutal brakes, brutal handling, and brutal suspension. And I still love it. Could I own one? Maybe, if I had money for a Ford Fusion, too.

Obviously, acceleration is physics-bending. I was able to introduce the car to someone who’s never been in it before, which was a treat. I showed him launch control; he was stupefied. I showed him the central screen with all of the gauges, and he was a fan. He must have posted pictures on Instagram of the GT-R 20 times before the day was over.

2015 Nissan GT-R Premium review notes
So, the GT-R can pull 1g accelerating. I know I’ve probably said that before, but it bears repeating. There are literally only a handful of cars that can do that. It pulls on your neck; you have to tighten your stomach and steel your nerves before hammering on the gas, and keep a tight hold of the steering wheel.

The sound, too --  it’s like a Nissan 370Z, but turbocharged to the hilt. It’s not like a V8 or even like a different turbo V6. It has its own sound. And it’s not jet-plane loud, either. You have a slight chance of sneaking by unnoticed in the GT-R.

That’s surprising, too. This is one of the baddest cars on the street and no one even knows. You will get a few knowing looks from younger drivers, as if to say, “holy smokes, it’s a GT-R.”

As much press as the brutal acceleration gets, you might think the GT-R can’t handle a curve. You’d be wrong, way wrong. The giant tires pick up every groove in the road, especially uneven pavement. That’s why two hands should always be on the wheel. It has a regular rack and pinion setup, which leads to the direct control.

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