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News - 2014 Volkswagen CC R-Line review notes

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Electronic Manager Phil STOY: The 2014 Volkswagen CC R-Line is definitely an beautiful adequately vehicle, but-its steep $34,000 price can be pure design more than content. Than the Passat, you get yourself a a lot more filled cockpit, tiny degrees of basic equipment along with a roofline the invitations inhabitants to gathering her or his minds over a doorsill each time that they climb out of a auto. Oh, and the trunk gates are always improbable towards open at virtually any normal parking area due to the extended rear “point” which offers the selection of dinging the car beside one or just departing the kids in the CC (we switched a coin).

News - 2014 Volkswagen CC R-Line review notes

My CC R-Line tester manages to do come by way of VW's good 2.0-liter turbo four that has enough grunt to encourage a few torque cause within this moderately large car (sorry VW, I'm not contacting actually a four-door car a “coupe” regardless of how repeatedly you claim it out in your site). As soon as prodded an CC scoots, and the six-speed information is a great spouse for your gentle 4. Equally, I had no claims concerning trip also managing regardless of not being able to actually flog both the car.

The stage both the CC really dips down is the identical stage all contemporary Volkswagen device fails: equipment levels for the expense. From $34K an CC could be absent leather upholstery and a moonroof; VW's site promises all CC posseses an rearview cam, but also should ours needed 1 I actually could not go it towards activate within an week-end of attempting. A lot inside the pantheon in overpriced VWs, the CC sticks out -- it be in $500 a couple of Passat V6 SEL Advanced, a-car which offers each of the over gear basic plus a supplemental 2 canisters, quality audio along with the DSG transmission. Like just a CC with a V6? That'll be actually a laughable $43,000.

I feel positive a handful about style-conscious adolescents might create actually a pit stop at the CC for their way to being able to afford exactly what that they desire -- an Audi or Mercedes-Benz. For its remainder world, though, both the Passat offers you anything both the CC offers but also an disappointment, all for millions a lower.

Manager WES RAYNAL: I possibly applied that to hype rear and about around the flight terminal, and I recognize it is generally style along substance, though that said, it's really a attractive car (I like the car's wrinkles although adored both the old frontend better -- this one appearances too much including the standard Passat). Love an 2.0-liter turbo also constantly buy -- lots of strength and intimately entwined to the six-speed information. Give it certain throttle along with the vehicle gets by having an technique properly. I really wouldn't bother with an V6. I had save lots of the cash & go with this engine; I might select the DSG trans, however the manual's clutch use up and slickness is extremely nice. An 4 could be the cover, although, light around the feet also reactive.

An ride/handling combination seems fine and I feel satisfied having an direction. However a little light from decrease velocity it organizations up reasonably and always seems communicative and immediate. It is a fun, soft tiny auto towards drive.

Enjoy the tickets, that are comfy and also offer a excellent driving position. Sure they are type of fake leather, but whatsoever -- they match can fat carcass properly.

I don't recognize excatly why, however, CC revenue this year are not in the ballpark when compared with last year: Around 4,000 distributed this season compared to practically 6,000 right now in '13. Possibly it's since the normal Passat is a better value -- VW has sold practically 34,000 of these so far. However, Ford offers a lot more Camrys inside an month (38,000 from April) than simply VW contains offered Passats this season.

Elderly MOTORSPORTS EDITOR MAC MORRISON: Man, currently I actually be seemingly concurring a lot by Raynal also Stoy, on which always upsets to me … However, up-to I possibly sometimes disgust spiraling into a importance conversation at the chance during neglecting just a vehicle's advantages, within this event in any event valid.

Volkswagen's CC is, to my visitors, a really appealing coup…er, car. You could disagree your its own fancy external curling indicates a starting expense more than any of it actually is. & since Andrew correctly discusses both the equipment level's disadvantages, it's both realistic for note that with that this R-Line type one go significantly more a more competitive top bumper & side rockers, along with touchscreen navigation, bixenon headlamps, multi media interface, Bluetooth, dual-zone environment ownership, heated top tickets, and guidance wheel-mounted settings. So that this CC is not precisely an “stripper” type, although the “leatherette” passes also exemption of a rearview camera (I'm even confused concerning why it is not with that this automobile at contradiction for VW's promoting claim) erode a few of can perhaps understanding of indulgence.

Driving-wise, both the CC R-Line can be more than skilled for 90-plus percentage during motorists, even when powered happily. That engine/gearbox combo can be preferred on Autoweek, though the turbocharged I4 in this special request can be asked to complete concerning as much as it is capable of devoid of experience strained; a CC is not a slow automobile, along with the reasonably loud motor and also an unique I4-characteristics sometimes seem at probabilities having an complete package's length and indulgence pretensions. However, it's possible to bustle the auto quite intimately, trip class could be comfy, and the smooth-shifting manual could be seamless by using even though it out senses somewhat exceedingly gentle with regards to clutch/shifter activity.

Sitting point is extremely good, along with the deviated stitching around the chairs -- themselves from the ribbed seat-bottom and seat-back variety -- is actually a good feel. At 6'1”, I actually vacation easily from your raise tickets, although Andrew is correct that you must make sure to goose the mind drastically to prevent cracking it all the way as one quit. However, an CC, as all other four-dour “coupes,” is extremely far about style, so this is a tiny spare for you earn in case you pick the body style on the Passat's nor that in all other classic sedans.

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