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iOS 8 Features: Here's Eight Hidden Tricks You NEED To Know

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iOS 8 is jam-packed with new features, but beyond the BIG new additions there's lots of cool, little additions too. Here's some of the best

Apple’s BIG iOS 8 update is chock full of new features like third-party keyboard support, iCloud Drive, and the new Health app. But there’s also a ton of hidden features sprinkled throughout the new OS that are also very solid additions to what’s looking like one of the best software updates from Apple in recent history.

ios8spotlightWe’ve already done our iOS 8 review, as well an overview of iOS 8's best new features, so now it is time to turn to some of iOS 8’s more esoteric features; the things you might not notice at first glance but will one day become essential tools. So, without further ago, here’s our pick of iOS 8’s best, new hidden features and attributes.

Send your last location to Apple when your battery reaches a low level
If your phone is lost or stolen you can track it as long as you have Find My iPhone installed. But that tracking only lasts as long as the phone is powered on. Now a new setting in the Find My iPhone panel of the iCloud settings in the Settings app allows you to set your device to send its most recent location to Apple when the battery reaches a critically low level. Apple will store this location for 24 hours and then delete it. During that period you can then log in to your iCloud account and see its last location.

Safari now has built-in credit card scanning
One of the best-hidden features of iOS 8 is found in Safari. When Apple’s web browser senses that you are entering in a credit card number in a web page text field it will give you the “Scan A Card” option. This allows you to take a picture of the credit card directly in Safari, which will then pull all the relevant data from it like the card number and name.

Hide those (nasty) images and videos from the Photos app
iOS 8 now allows you to hide individual photos and videos from the Moments, Collections, and Years view in the Photos app. Simply tap and hold on a photo or video and select “Hide” from the popup. The photo will be hidden--but beware, it will still be visible in an album called “Hidden”.

Find which apps are using the most battery life
Another much-desired feature has finally made it to iOS 8 in the form of a new Battery Usage panel. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to see a list of all the app eating your battery life.

Recover deleted photos
This is a great feature for those of us that have ever deleted a photo we wish we hadn’t. But now when you delete a photo or video in the Photos app in iOS 8 a new “Recently Deleted” album is created. Go to this album to see all your deleted photos and videos. A badge at the bottom of each items icon will display how many days are left until they are deleted for good. You can also choose to delete a single item or all photos and videos in the album for good immediately. Or, you can tap Recover to return the deleted photo or video to your Photos library.

Add photos to notes in the Notes app
A feature I love since I use the Notes app so much is that iOS 8 now allows you to add photos to notes. Simply tap and hold on the screen until the floating menu appears, then tap Insert Photo and choose your photo from the photos browser. Notes also now has the ability to edit rich text.

Rearrange and turn off Share sheet action buttons
iOS 8 gains a huge number of sharing improvements, mainly thanks to Extensibility, which allows developers to allow apps to share their functionalities with other apps. For example, a photo app can make an extension available to social media apps that allows a user to edit or apply filters to a photo using that photo app’s editing features right from within the social media app.

To access an Extension just tap the Share button in any app. Extensions appear as icons in the menu that pops up. Tap an extension to use its capabilities. Needless to say extensions are a huge time saver and have the added benefit of forgoing the need to create multiple versions of, say, the same photo, in different apps.

The problem with extensions is that the menu can become crowded, so Apple has made an easy way for you to rearrange and put your most important extension shortcuts first. On the Share sheet simply tap the “More” (...) button to bring up the extensions sort screen. Drag your extensions in the order you want them to be in the share sheet or disable individual ones completely.

Share your Safari website passwords with apps
This is an incredibly clever feature; iOS 8 includes a new API that allows the developer of a website and accompanying app to share their password and login information with each other. For example, if you log into on your iPhone in Safari and Amazon update their iOS app for Safari web password sharing, you’ll be notified with a popup when signing into the Amazon app asking you if you want to select a Saved Safari Password to use with the app. Pretty cool.
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