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Cambridge French teacher looking for love on “The Bachelor Canada”

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CAMBRIDGE — She wants to find true love.

And that quest is underway in a very public way for Natalie Elliott, a 27-year-old French teacher from Cambridge.

B821721595Z.1_20140919140404_000_GID1AUJT6.2_ContentElliott is one of the contestants on the second season of "The Bachelor Canada", which premiered on City Thursday night.

Bachelor Tim Warmels, a 28-year-old entrepreneur originally from Campbellville, began the season vying for the attentions of more than two dozen bachelorettes.

Following the first episode, the field's been narrowed down to 15 contestants, Elliott among them.

"He's the type of guy I could see myself being with," Elliott said on the show.

Casting for the show began last December, with filming beginning in the spring.

Contestants aren't allowed to give interviews while they're on the show, but Elliott's biography and a video on the show's website provide a brief introduction to the elementary school teacher.

"I'm the type of girl who wears her heart on her sleeve," she says.

Calling her best assets her intelligence and her hair, the five-foot-seven-inch Elliott said she's looking for a Type A personality who's funny and outgoing.

She lists "Amélie" as her favourite movie, cheesecake as her favourite meal, and the Toronto Maple Leafs as her favourite hockey team.

Nicknamed "Chatalie" by family and friends, Elliott describes herself as kind-hearted, unconditionally positive and a good listener.

Hopefully Warmels has taken note of her dislikes — poor grammar and texting during dinner.

Elliott says she thinks she'll win because she's persistent but also has a sweet and shy side — she's optimistic the mix will resonate with Warmels.

But they shouldn't look to the first season of "The Bachelor Canada", which aired in 2012, for inspiration. Brad Smith and winner Bianka Kamber split up after a two-year engagement.
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