Friday, September 19, 2014

Available, McAfee Mobile Security free In 30 languages

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McAfee anti-virus manufacturers declare has been providing Mobile Security for McAfee services Android and iOS free, in 30 languages.

cute-wallpapers-for-androidThe newest service, according to an official statement McAfee, Intel Corporation is a step to increase security for the user and the Andorid iOS.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android is designed to prevent data loss, invasion of privacy, identity theft, and loss of the device.

Other services, including anti-theft, anti-virus, protection, Web protection applications, telephone calls, and SMS filtering.

The free version of McAfee security applications for Android includes enhanced protection feature, for the first time, for Intel-based mobile devices.

"McAfee also recently released the McAfee Mobile Security for iOS, which is available free of charge," McAfee said in a statement reported by the official page on Wednesday (26/2/2014).

Earlier, Senior Vice President and General Manager of McAfee's Consumer Business, John Giamatteo says in today's high-tech era, security and the protection of privacy is fundamental, "said

In the latest AV-test the effectiveness Test for mobile security product, McAfee Mobile Security get a score of 100% detection and given a top ranking among the 30 participating vendors in independent tests it.
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