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5 things that can maximize your Android

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5 things that can maximize your Android

Android-Android Info is indeed to be a smart choice, since most of the gadgets with the android OS has had a surplus in the appeal with other gadgets. On Android you can choose applications that are as varied and as indefinitely. And this could be heaven gamers or for the fans of the other. Okay for this occasion I will share a pretty mearik reviews are 5 things that can maximize your Android. Yu us refer to ulasanya below.

5 things that can maximize your Android

Well, often feature from default applications it is less complete, or at least it looks less satisfying. Therefore, some of the applications that should be maximized or rather was replaced with a more sophisticated applications. :)

1. Launcher

As I've never discussed on Aplikanologi, the launcher is very important, not just to support the look I'll withdraw, but the additional functions are also very useful to maximize the performance of Android. Choice of application launcher:

-GO Launcher EX
-Apex Launcher
-ADW Launcher

2. the Keyboard

The Keyboard is a tool for typing, yak, everyone also know. But sometimes the default Android keyboard is less comfortable on the fingers, it could lead to prolonged typo, and this is very dangerous if you often SMSan or chat. Android keyboard replace you with a more comfortable, here are some great applications of choice.
-Smart Keyboard Pro
-Thumb Keyboard

3. SMS

Bored with the default SMS application Android just so-gitu aja? Not just a display issue aja sih actually, but additional SMS application it had more features and kostumisasinya flexible, such as the notification settings, widgets, ringtones, private message, block number, and so on.

-Handcent SMS
– Youni SMS

4. Contact

Contact is a tool for managing the names of friends complete with phone numbers, email address, home address, and so on. The Contact is usually already integrated with dialer, well, the congenital Android application typically feature also standard. With the application contact the others you can overcome double contact or more responsive time used. There are 2 applications a viable you are trying to contact.

-GO Contacts EX

5. Camera

For Android smartphone upper class might not too need an extra camera application to maximize the results of snapshots, as indeed of the hardware already qualified. For you are pake lower middle-class smartphones could try some of the following applications, perhaps the result snapshots you could be nicer. Because photographing emang many factors affect the outcome. :)

-Pro HDR Camera
-HDR Camera +

5 things that can maximize your Android
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