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2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class gets armored

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An launching during every new Mercedes-Benz S-class is accompanied by an launch about various coachbuilt types months later on, such as models that offer distinct levels in ballistic protection. Mercedes benz to itself produces an factory-made armored S-class. that for your prior a number of decades in their car continues to be sold being S-Class Guard. The Protect model in the car usually aspects ballistic defense to NATO B6/B7 level, that's both the highest-level about protection as for civilian traveler vehicles also vans, capable of quit NATO 7.62 cycles and also rocket-propelled grenades. But also before Mercedes benz sheets at restaurants a Shield model from the 2014 S-class, Italian armoring organization Transeco-Bremen GmbH has served an unique armored release from the S-class.

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class gets armored

Transeco-Bremen, actually known as Trasco Bremen, hasbeen creating exclusive models from the S-class because 1983, when the W126 model clearly was employed in the fourth year in production. Trasco did not limit the products and energy to Mercedes benz motor vehicles, and also against time to date did on alternative motor vehicles, including ZiL 41047 limos, along with delivering its strained designs of the 1991-1998 W140 S-class and the G-class.

An starting point in terms of Transeco-Bremen's armored version in their 2014 Mercedesbenz S-class could be the S500L, called the S550 from your U.S. An armoring program itself includes both the elimination in the complete inner, such as the hurry, as well as the laying out high strength metal discs on the individual drawer and also the greenhouse. The sturdiest parts in the vehicle to shield will be the gates, not just because of the heavy ballistic cup browsers which need to move-up also along, but because of the obtain indoor breadth and the pressure over a doorway structures to themselves. Entrance act as reinforced, & completely fresh electronic applications 're mounted at the opportunities about strength browsers, along with machines that all allow a doors to themselves towards intimate instantly. Subsequent arises a windshield, which is exchanged by ballistic mug, adding a number of hundred euros in to the weight in their automobile. A ballistic mug to itself is just a plastic during laminated cup also plastic, and also is simply a single biggest element of both the armoring deal. Transeco actually adds underbody protection which can beat grenades placed underneath the auto, plus a self-sealing fuel-tank. And obviously, the model in their S-class is just not available with a sunroof. That you don't want that all.

It must certanly have been because almost no gift that it is an S550 on which assists because the starting-point during Transeco's armored S-class, while the 455 horsepower manufacturing in the 4.6-liter V8 is needed for transfer the 8,311-pound volume in the armored sedan, up by an 5,941 lb gross load in the standard S550. The suspension has-been beefed aloft correctly, by improved Airmatic suspension shows off front & rear, and by way of improved spring control hands. Both the normal brake discs, calipers, & pads had been changed for Transeco's possess heavy-duty configuration, which also includes the business's get wheel design, that is a bit in an unusual touch for a armored vehicle if you don't consider the quality the they have been particularly manufactured for don run-flat exhausts and can become more called upon for proceed moving once the tires have totally disintegrated.
Transeco-Bremen even claims the it might create a stretched-wheelbase release of the 2014 S-class, meaning adding an insert that is a couple of base long once the B-pillar to offer the rear couch guests a number a lot more inches about legroom, just like Binz's stretched E-class. Back then Transeco-Bremen includes created its types from the 2006-2013 W221 S-class six-seat limos, much like Mercedes-Benz's private Pullman fashion, although about in reality an long-wheelbase S550/S500L could be the only W222 design that was shown.

The cost? You will have and energy to contact Transeco-Bremen oneself for any offer, because the list of hardware specific as well as the armoring level questioned can probably move the price by in regards to $50,000, just not taking into consideration an extended release. And as soon as Mercedes-Benz launchings its extra-long-wheelbase S-class, we are sure Transeco-Bremen and other armorers & coachbuilders may hurry for work on that all car also.
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