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2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited review notes

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Hyundai’s Santa Fe is worth just a gander from your three-row cross-over part

SENIOR Highway Attempt Manager NATALIE NEFF: I’m tellin’ ya, a Koreans act as on a roll. This is because genuine actually a challenger at the midsize SUV portion because you’ll discover, full of every feature a overstressed mom would want/need at to her taxi/getaway auto.

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited review notes

Don’t move me personally wrong; every time I can take absent from, say, that our long term Jaguar F-Type P car or similar, I’m an uplifting girl, but that’s simply not handy when nine moments using ten I’m followed closely by a Chicco NextFit convertible vehicle seat as well as the small child whose job would be to insert all of an unique fissures with Cheerios. Hp & managing mainly have been exceeded by door aperture shapes, liftover peaks and also Attach regions -- but also most designed about those capabilities the keep entire life somewhat saner: navigation (when the kid is screeching, I'd like to understand how you can make it happen NOW!), satelite phone (of delayed, XM route 76, Unison, has been an relaxing savior), rearview digital cameras & side-alert alerts (all a simpler to discover behind some of these bigger-butt vehicles) as well as the alphabet chili in current and couch-potato protective features the support keep the child safe.

That’s where a Santa Fe seriously radiances. I mean, your choices list consists of, from part: HID headlights, LED taillights, breathtaking sunroof, trunk parking assistance device, powered direction wheel, nav system by 8-inch touchscreen, Infinity Logic7 surround sound speakers 550-watts. That’s high on an oil bin during standard aspects, by blindspot identification, raise cross-traffic notify, street modify help, rearview recorder & seven air bags.

The 290-horse 3.3-liter V6 isn’t poor, both. I actually never ever found an Santa Fe desiring shift, as well as the connection adjustments crisply and also rapidly. I will automatically work with a bit more energy, but hi, so long as an Koreans maintain delivering that this quantity of equipment for this kind of money (41 huge ain’t bad for a stuffed-to-the-gills seven-passenger ride), I’m an uplifting mother.

Street Check EDITOR JONATHAN WONG: Hyundai is worthy of just a honor for your suspension focusing changes the appear to be showing up through an unique list. Initially presently there clearly was the Elantra GT that captured can awareness with the modifications in a few days again, only to can perhaps date driving a pulley a few 2015 Genesis sedan was a gratifying surprise. Could swift one-night trip in this 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited clearly was instead wonderful, much too.

Hyundai vehicles have been always with a lack of a suspension processing division by crashy experience attributes and also advice that has been much too gently heavy by way of small input. But, that this Santa Fe controls bumps nicely. Much less well because the newest Kia Highlander nor an fermenting Honda Pilot, but I can claim it’s with par by having an Nissan Pathfinder. Hyundai requires examined towards treat its guidance concerns at the time of supplying three selectable modes: convenience, common & sport. Common had been idle much too gentle about my flavors, that needed me personally coming on at recreation during can perhaps evening driving the pulley your provided an awesome also hefty believe. Wheels are strong.

There is a small exhaust audio towards speak of from the 19-inch Kumho Location Challenge tires with the attempt vehicle. It’s not adverse, however, it’s noticeable.

Both the 3.3-liter V6 could be strong for the class. By way of 290 hp, it out punches from most of all an 3.5-liter V6s at the other several crossovers I possibly described. A Kia packages 250 horsepower, the Nissan contains 260 as well as the Kia 's positioned in 270. A Santa Fe is still not any dragster, however, it’s down the line respectably also blending employed in by way of expressway prospects is effortlessly conducted.

I possibly keep keen on Hyundai’s interior templates. Then they still be determined by numerous difficult links, on which I’m positive drives an developers mad, however, there’s not like owning a devoted button for ownership an unique function all enough time. It’s pleasant not to need certainly to deceive on with a touchscreen & sort via a group of menus and energy to ownership something different. Finding a cozy sitting position behind a wheel is simple, also presently there looks if you are just a generous amount of leg room at the second-row, also. I possibly didn’t get time to look to the next line, though. Key touchpoints are always pleasant, by delicate leather within the direction wheel and also rubbery ingredients creating most walls during.

A only modify I would make to the interior is always to provide the forefront pail tickets a bit more aspect strengthens about more help. The ones in there are always somewhat also flat about can tastes.

Being Natalie stated earlier, this Restricted fashion the aesthetic creation option 's laden with a bunch in secret attributes. An gourmet sound system seems decent & entrance seats which are both orthopedic & chilled. There are xenon fronts lights that we automatically enjoy. In case you as mongo sunroofs, there’s all of you in the Santa Fe.

Most that all about $41K doesn’t sound wild, thinking about an lengthy hardware and also common refinement during the Santa Fe. And you can’t no further the good service warranty the Hyundai gives. It was truly just a three-row crossover that will go on everyone’s purchasing checklist.
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